Vision 1: activity

In KD Projekt, we envisage and carry out our work as an integrated whole.  The structure of integrity combines three different, yet closely linked spheres of business:

  • we manufacture custom-made furniture in all price categories,
  • we offer quality furniture and interior decor from Europe's leading manufacturers
  • we take care of distribution, deliveries, fittings and guarantee the quality of work and engineering services.

We fully grasp the concept of space.  More than that – we are enthusiastic about space.  This is why we create new spatial visions.  We design the image of space in different dimensions – we offer integrated engineering for the interior design of private dwellings, business premises, hotels and restaurants.

Our efforts are aimed at what we cherish the most – to satisfy the customer.

Vision 2: materials

You should know that interior decor is a mirror of you.  It tells things about you that cannot be captured in words.  It reflects your perception of the world, your beliefs and your thoughts.

Choosing the materials is an important step in shaping your image of space.  The material fills the space with its own essence, which is different every time.  Wooden decor thus emanates unique warmth, cosiness, refined taste but also self-restraint.  Aluminium and glass convey seriousness and moderation and mark the space with distinctive clarity.  Metal or plastic interior decor can fill the space with exceptional grace.

Vision 3: success

Professionalism and quality of service are the gateway to sucess. We invite you to visit our customers’ premises.

Vision 4: time

We do not provide our customers with services concerning only spatial dimensions. By timely and even early realization of our projects we demonstrate that we can control time as well.

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